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open instrumentation [9’]

I've often looked out at two rooms in a derelict factory building outside my window. One is dimly lit with ambient orange lights, the other is lit by a bright pink fluorescent light. The orange room is lit almost all the time, but the pink room is only lit every now and again. I've never seen anyone in them. Soon the factory will be demolished to make space for new flats.

Orange Room and Pink Room were composed and recorded remotely across the national lockdowns in 2020-21. Both tracks started as a remote recording project with composer and violinist Lara Agar, and eventually turned into two scores that use different types of open and flexible notation. Pink Room was recorded in 2020, early on in the first lockdown, and served as a form of demo for Orange Room, which was recorded during the 2021 lockdown.
Performed by Lara Agar (violin), Jenny Akroyd (alto and soprano saxophone), Cara Dawson (harp), Christian Drew (accordion, guitar, harmonicas, kinder harp, percussion, piano), Abel Esbenshade (clarinet), Patrick Hegarty (guitar), Eden Lonsdale (cello, harmonium, percussion), Darius Paymai (harmonium, setar, percussion), Alex Tay (viola)

Download from Bandcamp here.
email: music@christiandrew.com
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