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Christian Drew is a composer and performer based in London, UK.

BOBBY D 2021
violin, harmonium, two guitars, percussion and harmonicas [9’]

The title is an accidental pun on Laurence Crane’s Bobby J for electric guitar. I was chatting with Patrick Hegarty about putting the piece together and told him we might both have to muster up our best Bobby D impressions (aka Bob Dylan).
Written for Laurence Crane’s 60th birthday.

Performed by Lara Agar, Darius Paymai, Patrick Hegarty, Christian Drew and Harry Harrison at the Festival of Laurence Crane.

clarinet, violin, cello and percussion [6’]

See Slow Blue takes inspiration from the music of American indie rock band Yo La Tengo, conjuring their ‘lazy ambling slide guitars’ into a glorious, woozy hymn to slowing down.” – Kate Wakeling, BBC Music Magazine 2021. 
Performed by London Symphony Orchestra players and released on NMC’s digital album Six Degrees of Separation.

Read more about the piece on NMC’s Discover blog here.

Buy or stream the album here.

harp and audio [9’]

Harp sounds and tunnel sounds, originally written for a concert that Cara Dawson planned to put on in the Tunnel Shaft at the Brunel Museum, Rotherhithe in spring 2020.
Performed by Cara Dawson at The State51 Factory, London, UK.

email: christiandrew@hotmail.co.uk
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